• Emma Lanman / Van Girls ©NinaSologubenko

    Director / Van Girls

    “I don’t come from an entrepreneurial family at all and it never really crossed my mind to start my own business. I was focussed on going to university and starting a career in the arts”.

  • Lisa Jacques at her desk

    Museums Learning Officer

    “Be confident and be sure of who you are; all of the flaws, and all of the good things. Make every experience a learning experience; we are all still learning every day”.

  • Kamina Walton

    Creative evaluator

    “I love my work because it’s varied so I never get bored; it’s challenging so keeps me on my toes and offers loads of opportunities for learning. I am my own boss so no one else can tell me what to do.”

  • Interview with Generation ART exhibitor Orin Ashworth Gardiner

    Press and Marketing Consultant

    “I love the range of interesting people and projects I work on, but sometimes it is challenging to be outside of the organisation you are working for; it can be lonely working as a freelancer”.

  • Camera avatar for Julian Lister, Axisweb film maker

    Media Producer

    “The editing process is the most challenging; having to sort through all of the footage and piece it together so it all makes sense. It’s also the most rewarding when you see it all come together”.

  • Jo Plimmer, Generation ART coordinator

    Project Coordinator

    “It’s OK not to be single minded. It equips you for jumping between lots of worlds.”

  • Jeremy Routledge, Director of Calling the Shots

    Filmmaker / educator

    “What do I find most challenging? Sometimes it’s hard to get into a purely creative space, oh, and networking. That’s tough too”.

  • Jane Moorhouse, Generation ART photographer


    “What one piece of advice would I give my younger self? Get on with it!”

  • Generation ART commissioned artist Lisa Traxler


    “My career in the fashion industry laid down a sound basis for time management, interaction with people and a very strong work ethic.”

  • Workshop image for Andrew Shedden, Technical Manager, Turner Contemporary

    Gallery and Technical Manager

    “The thing I love about my job is also the thing that makes it so challenging. And so rewarding when you succeed.”